What our clients say

"I appreciate the 'open' and honest communication that Lesley provides which enables me to choose the level of service I want."

"Hi, Thank you for the excellent service that you are providing us. Just great."
Cheers Penny

"I recently changed managing agents on a premier property in Parnell Auckland NZ and was delighted to be introduced to Lesley at Paragon Property Management. Lesley is 'on' with all aspects of sourcing and managing the tenants and me.... which is a task as I am an offshore landlord and meticulous in expectations. Her attention to detail in arranging maintenance and ensuring the property is kept at its best insures my investment and satisfaction as her customer. She continues to do an excellent and professional job and I do not hesitate for a moment in recommending her."

"I decided to use Paragon after becoming disappointed with tenants I had selected and what they cost me in repairs. I then had Lesley manage my property. The departing tenants were handled in a no nonsense fashion and very quickly Lesley found new tenants at a 33% increase in rent.

Since then she has gone on to manage another property I own and I have referred her services to others who have found her services outstanding."
N V Gane

"Upon moving to Auckland in 2011, I was fortunate enough to rent a house managed by Paragon Property Management. While it is well known that good tenants are hard to find, it has been my experience that the same can be said of landlords, however I consider myself fortunate to have found Lesley and her team. Any issues which have arisen with the property have been sorted promptly, fairly and cheerfully and it is good to know that I can contact them any time should I need to. I have no hesitation in recommending Paragon's services to both landlords and tenants alike."